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Large Clients – Essential For Growth?

I’ve written before on losing a client and how that made me feel. But this time, it is slightly different. For those of you who have visited my blog before – hurrah! – you will now that I am in a state of flux, as one would say.  Losing someone in your life as monumental as your Mum forces a step change.  I’m still trying to keep up. But not functioning is not an option.
I know I was a bit hit and miss in my reliability. I know I let people down, including some of my clients. I still feel a pang of guilt at the short emails I sent out in between sitting at my Mum’s bedside, waiting for her rasping breaths to cease, and trying to be an all-singing, bells-and-whistle content writer. It was inevitable I was going to drop some balls and plates that normally spin without a hitch would come crashing to the ground. And in amongst all this, a big client (you know the one: the one that pays the mortgage) was also going through change and it is now obvious I am not going with them. Maybe it is …
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Smarter Working - Walking in the Park and Power Naps

I spend a lot - and I mean a lot - of time browsing, surfing, researching (whatever you want to call it) on the good old web. I come across all sorts of things, topics and subjects. I question my own sanity of an almost-daily basis as well as wonder if my life is as boring as it sometimes feels.

I also wonder if I could work better and this is why I am interested in the 'work smarter' idea.

3 Ideas for Royalty-Free Stock Photos

As every blogger and writer knows, sourcing great royalty-free stock photos as per the instructions of the client is nigh on impossible. It plunges you into a whole world of pain.

The Howling Winds of Change

It has been a difficult time.

It is still a difficult time.

Is There Such a Thing as Blogging Etiquette?

I happened upon this notion quite by chance and it got me thinking, what is blogging etiquette? What does it mean and who says when something is right or wrong in the blogging sphere?

The Impact of Colours – Part 3 GREEN

You may or may not have read parts 1 and 2 of this ongoing series of short articles relating to colour and what your choice of brand colour says about your business.
Some colours appeal more to some people than others, hence manufacturers of high-end luxury goods don’t tend to use yellow but brands that use red want to stimulate their customers into action.
In this article, I turn my attention to green. How do you perceive green? What do you think brands say to customers when they choose green as their overall colour?

Developing Your Career as a Freelancer - All Hints and Tips Welcome!

It got me thinking.

For some reason, I still use an academic year diary. Old habits, as they say, die hard. For those of you who have never worked to the timetabled day, weeks, months and year of education, the academic diary starts on the first day of August (or thereabouts) and takes you all the way through to the following August.